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Facility 07 is a Game of Exploration and Espionage with a Battle Royale Twist for 2-6 semi-cooperative players. You play as iconic spies and action heroes who infiltrate an evil genius' lair and stop him from destroying the world! The facility is built out of cards room by room as you explore, so it’s different every time - there are over 1 million possible layouts!


We drew a lot of inspiration from spy genre parodies like Austin Powers, Archer, and Venture Bros. and created a light-hearted party game with a solid balance of strategy and luck. We had a lot of fun writing for Facility 07 & it can be quite silly at times. It's friendly & approachable! From the beginning it was designed to be easy to learn and teach to non gamers.

We've been very involved in the Cardano NFT scene since early 2021, and always knew Facility 07 would be a perfect opportunity to merge NFTs and a physical game. We are very excited to offer real world benefits to our CNFT collectors in the form of physical cards.

We're a team of three people & we’ve been working on the game off and on for 8 years.

It's finally time to bring Facility 07 to life!!


At Never Engine Games we design and publish card games, board games, and tabletop RPGs, as well as RPG supplements.

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United States

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