Trevor with his beautiful wife Alyssa


Game Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, Writing, Sales, and Video Production

Trevor is a life-long gamer and loves to entertain people! He grew up in Suttons Bay, Michigan, where he and Matt made goofy videos through highschool. Later he attended NYU's film program and has been working in video ever since. After college, Trevor moved to New Orleans (because who can afford NYC??) where he met his wife Alyssa and where he started designing games.


He's created many card games and homebrew tabletop RPG systems over the years, and he's VERY excited to finally start publishing them! Trevor's knowledge gained during his professional career gave him the tools he needed to design games from the ground up, including artwork, web design, and, of course, video work!

Trevor currently gets paid to create TV commercials, and he and his wife have started a tour company in New Orleans, as well. Shameless plug -

Matthew is an international man of mystery. The kind of guy you can throw a shoe at and he'd catch it on his foot, even though he's 2 sizes bigger...

What nobody knows about Matthew is that he harbors a deep inner desire to be loved by someone special, something he will never experience due to his busy schedule of rescuing Baby Pandas from bamboo fires and intercepting missiles over war torn countries with a frisbee.

One thing is certain, when a crisis is averted, that handsome man walking off into the horizon alone is a Matthew.

Guy 1: Thanks for lifting that bus off my girlfriend! 
Matthew: ... 
Guy 1: What's your problem?! I said thanks. 
Girl 1: It's ok babe, he a Matthew *quiet sigh*.

Production Management, Sales


Matt with his beautiful fiance Nicole

Alyssa with her beautiful husband Trevor

Alyssa Barrett needs to send in her bio

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