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Shadow Soles
- top secret footwear -

Footwear for the Well Dressed & Well Equipped

For the first time, The Shoe Maker is opening his doors to potential agents without prior Clearance. Spies across the multiverse are clamoring to get them, but only 295 were made.


If you're looking to start your operations off on the right foot, you need SHADOW SOLES - a swiss army shoe for the stealthy and stylish spy. They say the shoe picks you, and reveals much about who you are. Find out what your SOLES say about your SOULS!

Shadow Sole Ad BG Image WEB CROP.jpg


Mint 1 by sending

4 DATA + 20 ADA to



Mint 1 for 60 ADA

Mint 3 for 170 ADA

Shadow Sole Mint Details

• Seven Variations | Three Rarity Tiers | 295 cNFTs in collection

• 4 DATA + 20 ADA to mint for Agents in good standing

• 60 ADA to mint for Civilians & Agents without DATA

• 07% ADA discount for holders of 1+ Propaganda Posters ♥ 

Equipment Class (aka Rarity Tiers)

Shadow      (3 shoe designs)       210 / 295    [71%]

Phantom    (2 shoe designs)       70 / 295      [24%]

Eclipse     (2 shoe designs)       14 / 295      [5%]

Advance your career at The Agency and unlock Clearence Level Two by Holding both a Clearance Badge and a Shadow Sole NFT. Benefits include airdrops & accolades!


Strut your swag

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