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Welcome, Agents!


This REDACTED Paper has been declassified & made available to provide a clear understanding of Facility 07, a project which bridges the digital and the physical worlds as a Board Game, a CNFT Collection, and a Immersive Community Experience.

• Facility 07 is: A Board Game of Exploration and Espionage with a Battle Royale Twist.

• Facility 07 is: A collection of Alternate Reality Secret Agent NFTs on the Cardano blockchain.

• Facility 07 is: A series of top secret bases scattered across the globe from which the Seven Clones of the Evil Genius Professor Norwood plot to take over the world.


[A note from the team]

Hello & thanks for reading! Facility 07 has been in slow and steady development for the past 8 years, awaiting the right time to emerge from its cocoon and dazzle the world. Well, that time is now!!

We couldn’t be happier to be launching the Facility 07 NFT collection on Cardano, and are looking forward to moving it into irl-space next. We always have a blast playing on our physical prototype with friends and fam, and we are SUPER excited to ship the final game!

Our goal as a company (and as people, really) is to provide uniquely fun experiences for our players / guests / customers / community members, as well as to chew bubblegum. And we’re all out of bubblegum…

The Secret Agent Codebreaker Treasure Hunt aspect of this project wouldn’t be possible without the amazing members of the CNFT community, who are already hunting through Facility 07 documents and metadata to decipher hidden CODE WORDs and web addresses. Huge shout out and cheers to you all!

Facility 07 is only the beginning of our larger journey as an indie game publisher. We LOVE games and we plan to publish many more of them, from board games to tabletop RPGs. We’re building for the long term and are having a great time on this journey with all of you!


Trevor, Alyssa, and Matt

Never Engine Games Team


This Paper will focus on the CNFT aspects of the project. For more info on the Board Game aspect of Facility 07, please click here.

The community side of the project uses playful obfuscation and coded messages to create an immersive experience, but this tends to blur the line between truth and fiction, so here’s a disclaimer: All Facility 07 CNFT drops will happen on or another official project website. Do not trust ada addresses posted in our Discord or on Twitter! Also some terminology: “Dead Drops” refer to CNFT Sales and are not at all the same as Airdrops.

Further Declassifications To Follow...

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