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Facility 07 is a Game of Exploration and Espionage with a Battle Royale Twist for 2-6 semi-cooperative players. Play as iconic spies and action heroes who infiltrate an evil genius' lair and stop him from destroying the world!

What existing games does Facility 07 compare to?

Bang! and Betrayal at House on the Hill have been the two most inspirational games in creating Facility 07. We loved Bang! for its fast paced gameplay and style of card management, and Betrayal for its build-as-you-play exploration and RPG-lite storytelling.

What sets makes Facility 07 special?

1 - It's funny! We drew a lot of inspiration from spy genre parodies like Austin Powers, Archer, and Chuck, and created a light hearted party game with a solid balance of strategy and luck. The evil genius Professor Norwood is obsessed with pop-culture. He’s created knock off versions of iconic spy gadgets, and you play as knock off versions of iconic spies and action heroes who infiltrate his lair to stop him from destroying the world. Very groovy, baby!


2 - It's easy to learn and teach to non-gamers. After learning the basic rules, everything players need to know about Facility 07 is clearly written on the cards themselves. The complexity ramps up as you play, so new players have plenty of time to warm up to the rules before they have to fight for their lives!


3 - Facility 07 has very high replayability. The facility is built out of cards room by room as you explore, so it’s different every time - there are over 2 million possible layouts! On top of that, players draw from decks of 130 Ops Cards, 40 Event Cards, 30 Agents, and 8 Top Secret cards!


4 - Light hearted Player vs Player combat. Facility 07 provides a balance between a goofy good time and a battle to the death. You’ll find yourself laughing even as your meticulously crafted plan is countered and you end up in prison. Don’t worry, you’ll get your revenge! Counters and counter-counters fly, and Agents can play powerful card combos to daze other agents, steal from them, send them to prison, or maybe even kill them off. 


5 - RPG-lite gameplay and storytelling. Play as iconic spies and action heroes, each with stats and a unique special ability. Roll a d6 to resolve skill checks as you fist fight, sneak around, and face challenges. Take control with Actions, Gadgets, and Covert Cards. Actions are played directly from your hand, Gadgets are “equipped” on the table in front of you, and Covert Cards are trap cards kept face down on the table, waiting to be triggered. Each Room has a special Ability.

How can backers be assured that they are going to get quality components and you are going to deliver on all the promises you are making?

I'm glad you asked! We have experience managing a business (though admittedly in a different fields) - We own a successful walking tour company in New Orleans called Spectral City Tours, which has been operating for five years. Never Engine Games is a member of the IGA (Indie Game Alliance), who have advised us every step of the way, and who we meet with regularly. We’re planning to manufacture the game through Meijia and hire Quartermaster Logistics to handle fulfillment. We’ve received manufacturer quotes and have had several prototypes made professionally. Facility 07 has been in development for 6 years and has been playtested vigorously! It’s a lot of fun!! Currently, the full game can be played on Tabletopia for free, and includes the current version of the rulebook.

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