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Facility 07 is a cNFT collection of Artwork, Documents, PFPs, Puzzles, Codes & other spy stuff. It's also a physical board game!

Unleash Your Inner Spy

Welcome to Facility 07 - the ultimate Game of Exploration and Espionage with a Battle Royale Twist. Play with 2-6 semi-cooperative players as you become iconic spies and action heroes on a mission to infiltrate an evil genius' lair and save the world! Each game is unique as the facility is built out of cards room by room, offering over 1 million possible layouts.

Inspired by spy genre parodies such as Austin Powers, Archer, and Venture Bros., Facility 07 is a light-hearted party game with a perfect balance of strategy and luck. Our game is approachable and friendly, designed to be easy to learn and teach to non-gamers. You'll have a blast exploring the facility and thwarting each others' plans!

Facility 07 has been in slow-development for the past 10 years & we're finally ready to bring it to life ♥

Join us in saving the world, one game at a time!


[ DEPLOYed ]


#TeamNorwood or #TeamAgency

(or pull a double-cross and mint both??)

Propaganda Mint & Event Details

• 107 Ada to mint from the side of your choice

• 107 total will be minted for each side, for 214 in the full collection

• Each side is dropping a single poster with three variations

• A 1/1 variation of each side's Propaganda will be available to purchase in the OoA

Once all Propaganda on one side sell out, all holders of that side will receive a DATA Token Airdrop of TWO DATA per NFT held from that side. Once the other side sells out, all holder of THAT side will receive a DATA Token Airdrop of ONE DATA per NFT held from that side.

Title Onyx Jaguar.png
Title Brown Recluse.png
Title Buck Cartowski.png
Title The Operative.png
Title Rock Handsome.png
Title Mikaela WEB.png
Title Goldenrod Bowman.png
Title Captain Dirk.png
Title Serenity.png
Title Brooke Slam.png

35 unique hand drawn Agents, each with custom title artwork

[[ + several possible traits?? ]]



[alpha artwork]


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